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 A General Appeal - Join Us NOW !

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A General Appeal - Join Us NOW ! Empty
PostSubject: A General Appeal - Join Us NOW !   A General Appeal - Join Us NOW ! EmptyTue Jun 01, 2010 11:48 am

Dear All readers and visitors,

AANA used to be a small group of men of all countries working together to study and analyse the World War two in the North Africa and Mediterranean area.

Now, after some bad troubles, this group is born again to a new life and huge project.

So after making appeal to former members, we have to fill some gaps, as life left some friends out of the group.

So a few places were available to everybody would want to join us and our work.

Please introduce yourself in this thread or by PM.

You will then selected and perhaps allow to join us.

Enlist now to have a chance to join AANA !


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A General Appeal - Join Us NOW !
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